Spotted: Rob Murdock – Sea View

Spotted: Rob Murdock – Sea View

Today I’m presenting you to the latest track Sea View by the American composer and piano player Rob Murdock; living in Nashville, TN. When Rob isn’t on tour, playing piano, with different Nashville bands, he composes solo piano music; which we are presented to here!

My main focus when it comes to my own compositions is the melody. That might sound like an obvious approach, but I find that a lot of the recent solo piano music being released by some artists lack poignant and concrete melodies. My goal is to always have the melody create the atmosphere, not the other way around.

The track Sea View was released on the album, with the very same name, on the 9th of august, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Sea View!
I grew up on the Connecticut shoreline, and Sea View was the name of the street. There were beautiful views of the ocean from the cottage, which inspired me to write a song that felt bold, yet cozy at the same time. I wanted the melody to express the view of the sea, but have a sense of relaxed contentment. I wrote this song a few years ago back in CT, and it feels amazing, and relieving to finally have it out there. 

Thank you very much for this Rob!

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