Spotted: David King – Rushing Water

Spotted: David King – Rushing Water

Today I’m introducing you to the Canadian composer and piano player David King from Toronto. He was taught how to play the piano by his mother at a young age, and then went on to study classical piano for many years.

Along the way I have always enjoyed composing; putting the knowledge gained from my piano lessons into practice, but with the freedom to combine that knowledge with ideas of my own. 

Rushing Water will appear on the upcoming album Solitude but is so far released as a single.

Tell us something about your track Rushing Water!
I began writing Rushing Water about 8 years ago. It was a challenging period of my life following the death of my mum and I struggled to compose anything I was satisfied with. I came up with a melody in B flat minor but had no idea how to finish the piece so I shelved it. Last year I finally returned to this melody before I began writing any of the other music for my new album. As I developed some new ideas I had a picture in my mind of a river where the water is always moving.

Thank you David for this track!

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