Spotted: Klaus Sahm – Depaysement

Spotted: Klaus Sahm – Depaysement

Today I’m introducing you to the song Depaysement by the German composer, musician and photographer Klaus Sahm, living in Berlin. Klaus has worked as a musical director in the live business with other artists for years, but have never released music of his own. Until now – 2020!

This is my second ever release and I’m trying to connect my photography with my music, since every cover art is my very own.

The track Depaysement was released as a single on the 5th of June, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Depaysement!
Depaysement follows the french saying of being taken out of a familiar world into a new one. I wrote this piece on my piano in a time of isolation and silence not only to calm myself down but furthermore to spread some hope, that the whole situation we suddenly found ourselves in won’t last forever. I hope this piece can rest someones soul in turbulent times and help to overcome fear, anxiety or uncertainty.

Thank you for sharing this with us Klaus!

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