Spotted: De Maynes – A walk to paradise

Spotted: De Maynes – A walk to paradise

Today I’m introducing you to German composer and pianist Thomas De Maynes (which goes under the artist name De Maynes). Thomas lives in the German town of Cologne and comes from a classical background. He says that he mainly is inspired about the romantic era.

I’m often inspired by works of art, such as the ones of my friend Sascha, who lives in a small town nearby the city of Düsseldorf. He created my last single artwork, which was painted in a pointillistic technique with tainted inks.

A Walk to Paradise is released as an single and came out late Januari this year.

Will you release an album as well?
Honestly, I didn’t think about an album yet, but I can imagine releasing songs that fit together well as an album in the future. Currently, my friend Sascha and I are thinking about creating a series of songs/paintings that will group around a certain theme.

Alright! So, tell us something about your track A Walk to Paradise then!
A Walk To Paradise is a neoclassical piano piece, inspired by the sphere crossing state of falling asleep and entering a land created by imagination and dreams. 
My compositions often happened very spontaneously. In this case, I had this little melody in my head when I woke up in the morning and it kept on spinning around in my mind all day long. So, even though I didn’t really have the time, I thought I should go to the piano and try to make it come to life. Several hours later, I really managed to compose a complete song. A Walk To Paradise was born.

Thank you Thomas for this wonderful little tune!

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