Spotted: DeLange – Berlin

Today I’m introducing you to the track Berlin by the Dutch composer and piano player DeLange. DeLange was raised in a musical family where his parents played a lot of music from the romantic and modern era. He also has a condition called synesthesia, which means he sees colors when he hear sounds.

since I’m aware of it, I try to compose as if I’m working on a painting and let colours lead the development of the piece. It really helps me to translate the feelings I have while composing, since I get to use multiple senses

Tell us something about your track Berlin!
‘Berlin’ is the first release of a new album that will come out next year. I recorded the album on my upright piano. An instrument I’ve had for over 25 years. After it was stored for quite some time, I took it back in my house. It was if he understood what I was trying to say with my new pieces. I used vintage mics that used to be my dad’s (he’s also a musician) to capture the warm sound in my living room.
‘Berlin’ is about the turmoil of everyday life in an urban environment. The chaotic but forward energy of the city as a metaphor of a period in one’s life. Searching for connection in anonymous surroundings. The feeling of being overwhelmed by the intensity of life alternating with a sense of freedom and autonomy.

Thanks for sending in DeLange!

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