Spotted: Leon Maximilian Brueckner – Für Noel

Today I’m presenting you with the German composer and piano player Leon Maximilian Brueckner and his track Für Noel. Leons first contact with music was after watching the movie August Rush at the age of nine.

I took out my father’s old guitar from the basement and started playing. It was followed by guitar, piano and trombone lessons and I increasingly cherished the desire to become a film composer in the future, to tell stories with my music.

 The track “Für Noel” was released as a single on July 9th, 2021, and was recorded by the pianist Felix Rösch in Berlin on a Feurich Upright piano. 
Tell us something about your track Für Noel!
I wrote it on a beautiful evening at the piano after I learned about the approaching birth of my nephew. I think it was one of those moments where the music flows through the body and just has to be held. For me, the track depicts my deep inner anticipation on the one hand and represents the cycle of life in form and shape on the other. It is meant to welcome Noel into our world. 

Thank you for this!

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