Spotted: DeLange – San Vincenzo

Spotted: DeLange – San Vincenzo

Today I’m introducing you to the composer and pianist Frank DeLange from the Netherlands. Frank was raised in a family with classical music, surrounded by piano music growing up.

the music that was in my head -the echoes of my childhood- needed a way to come out. This project is exactly doing that. I had to turn 46 before I had the courage to record it

The track San Vincenzo was released in January of 2020 as a single, but will also be part of an album in the near future.

Tell us something about your track San Vincenzo!
This is a composition about that one time – when I was very young- I spent the night on the Italian beach with my best friend, woke up in the middle of the night and heard the San Vincenzo church bells chiming in the distance. I was the only one awake and experienced a moment of blissful solitude. 

Thank you for sharing your music with us Frank!

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