Spotted: Sarah Coponat – Gleam

Spotted: Sarah Coponat – Gleam

Today I’m introducing you to Sarah Coponat, a French composer and pianist. Sarah studied math and physics in an engineer school and then went on to study law and got a degree in business law. Now she has shifted focus again ans spends all time on making piano music.

The track Gleam is released as a single today!

Tell us something about your track Gleam!
I recently discovered felt piano, and fell in love with the intimate vibe and sounds. Gleam, is a felt piano piece I composed for a friend, who used to be a violoniste, but is slowly becoming deaf. I decided to feature gleam in my debut album because he says this song is like a gleam of hope for him, I wanted to honor him by releasing this track.

Thank you for the music Sarah!

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