Spotted: Diego Soifer – Toledo

Spotted: Diego Soifer – Toledo

Today I’m presenting you with the track Toledo by the Argentinian composer and piano player Diego Soifer, born and raised in Buenos Aires, but currently located in Spain. Diego has played the piano since the age of 11 and has studies music in both the Netherlands and in Canada.

The track Toledo was released as a single on the 10th of may, 2023, but will also be part of an upcoming album.

Tell us something about your track Toledo!
Toledo was composed, recorded and mixed by myself. It was composed (everything by heart, nothing written yet) at my new (second hand) Petrof upright piano, working for the first time with Sordino, looking at the forest, river and hills. It is my homage to this city, as all the rest of the tracks will be named to other places that are striking me in my new country. 

Recording it was tricky: I had the technician come multiple times to eliminate little noises that the piano was making. He called me picky. Very picky. Actually the most picky pianist he’s ever worked with and that I was breaking the piano with all the strong feelings and energy I was pouring into it through my music and fingers. 

I disagreed.

Thank you very much for this Diego!