Spotted: YuMe – Chaos

Today I’m introducing you to the dutch piano player and composer YuMe and the track Chaos. YuMe has been one with the piano since “he was 50cm shorter”. YuMe says he “used to focus on “used to focus on playing classical pieces with technical precision, trying to play as many notes as possible in a minute”, but now has his main focus on making more meditative music.

The track Chaos was released as a single on the 12th of may, but will also be part of an upcoming album!

Tell us something about your track Chaos!
“Chaos” is a neoclassical piano track that takes inspiration from the fascinating chaos theory in mathematics. Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics that studies the behavior of complex systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. These systems exhibit a phenomenon known as the butterfly effect, in which small changes in initial conditions can lead to vastly different outcomes over time. The piano track “Chaos” captures the essence of chaos theory by creating a sense of tranquility and calmness through its peaceful melodies that are answered by delicate arpeggios.

Thank you for this YuMe!

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