Spotted: Drew Harris – Amend

Spotted: Drew Harris – Amend

Today I’m presenting you with the track Amend by the American composer and piano player Drew Harris from (the suburbs outside of) Chicago. Drew grew up watching and listening to his dad play:

these memories of him playing will always and forever be some of my fondest memories, I wouldn’t be writing music without them.

The track Amend was released on the ep Noodles for dead friends which came out early 2021.

Tell us something about your track Amend!
This song and the other 2 songs on this EP are all rooted in a dark place that desperately wants to move away from said darkness, 2020 was a rough year for the world and myself alike…in the span of 3 months I lost two of the best friends I ever had and this song along with the others are in response to not just my losses, but to everyone’s losses. These songs won’t heal the world, ultimately they won’t heal anything, but maybe they can make 1 person feel okay for a few minutes.

Thanks for sending me this Drew!

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