Spotted: Marcus Moon – Wedding Waltz

Spotted: Marcus Moon – Wedding Waltz

Today, I’m presenting you to the track Wedding Waltz by the composer Marcus Moon, which we got to know in this Behind the piano post a while back. Marcus comes from Sweden but currently lives in Vancouver, Canada.

The track Wedding Waltz is taken from the album Letters From The Moon released in December 2020. 

Tell us something about your track Wedding Waltz!
This is my take on a wedding waltz and I wanted it to reflect the pure joy of a wedding, but not without also reflecting on the challenges of marriage. I made it upbeat, light, and almost a bit goofy in the major key. For the minor key change, I used a bit more drive and attack on the keys. The music video further communicates that feeling of a higher ‘cosmic love’ that transcends space and time, which I also wanted to express. The video and music together allowed me to do that.   
My debut album can be described as “classical music for modern times”. I think Wedding Waltz is a great representation of that. It is kind of timeless in its composition and performance, but not without the influence of more modern-day songwriting.   
Of the tracks on the album Wedding Waltz was the very first one we started working on and I think the last one that we finished. The greatest challenge with recording this song was that I had such a very specific sound and playing technique in mind. It took a lot of discussions and takes to get there, but I am super happy with the final result. It sounds just like what I had in mind when I wrote it.

Thank you for this Marcus!

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