Spotted: Drexler – The Confluence

Spotted: Drexler – The Confluence

Today I’m introducing you to the Australian composer Drexler. Drexler lives in London and makes a living from making music for film, TV and advertising. He started workin on the project Drexler in 2018 and released his debut EP in November 2019.

The track The Confluence is taken from the that EP which is named after the song (or the other way around maybe?). And as the cover art states; this is another release by the American label the Sonder House.

Tell us something about your track The Confluence!
The Confluence, is the title track of the EP. It was inspired by a poem of the same name by Australian writer Luka Lesson. I heard him perform in Beijing about 7 years ago and this poem was particularly affecting. My interpretation of the poem tells the story of a couple who are so connected that they are almost as one but their passion towards each other begins to crack and slowly the relationship fails them. The writing process for The Confluence was quite unusual because I actually found a live recording of Lesson performing the poem and began tinkering on the piano whilst listening to his words over and over. In a way, the structure and pace was all there in front of me – I just had to connect music to the poem and choose the right notes to play.

The entire EP was written to be simple, intimate and direct – my engineer (Bobby Williams) and I aimed to capture all the natural ambiences of the piano and the recording space. As a result, the listener will pick up sounds that capture the live performance – fingernails hitting the keys, the piano hammers hitting against the felt, the squeak of the pedal.

Thank you very much for sharing with us!

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