About the album: For the ones left behind

About the album: For the ones left behind

So, in a world filled with singles; why did I finally decide to make an album? One of the reasons is really boring, but I’ll tell you anyway!

You know if you go to an artists Spotify profile, and you look at the release closest to the top, just below the “top 10 tracks”, there is always an album (as long as the artist has released an album of course). It doesn’t matter if the album is ten years old and the artist has made 200 singles since that album. In a world of singles, the album always ends up on top.

So one of the reasons for making this album was actually so that something I think represents me better than my previous albums should be on top.

Another reason is of course; ALBUM! There is a certain feel to release an album. Theres is so much more work to get an album finished than to just record one song, make the cover art and release it the same night…

This album contains a variety of songs from my entire life. Everything from newly written songs, cover songs and new versions of older (sleepy) songs.

I really like this little album of mine, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

Have a listen, and let me know what you think!