Spotted: Ed Carlsen- Entangled

Spotted: Ed Carlsen- Entangled

Today I’m introducing you to Italian composer Ed(uardo) Carlsen now located a little bit here and a little bit there across Europe. After graduating from London College of music in 2016 his career took off and he was discovered by Moderna Record through Soundcloud. Ed is originally a guitar player but it waste until he laid his hand on a piano that his compositions really took off!

The track Entangled was released as a single in early august of 2019, but will also be featured on the upcoming album Morning Hour (27th of September 2019).

Tell us something about you track Entangled!
Entangled is a tribute to my modern classical roots in my (short) music career. The track is about feeling entangled to another person or a place. It comes from reading Robert Lanza’s books on biocentrism, where he mixes quantum physics with metaphysics and life beyond death. According to quantum physics, a particle’s behaviour in any place within the universe can be influenced by another particle – to which said particle is indeed ‘entangled’- that is worlds away, without any obvious or physical connection between the two.

This connection between places far from each other comes across within the track, which was indeed composed, produced and (most of it) recorded in Cagliari (Italy), while the strings were recorded in Krakow (Poland). Musically speaking, the peaceful intro aims at reflecting the calmness of the imaginary suspended particles. Their subsequent interaction generates a reaction and therefore an evolving process, which is exactly how the track proceeds from that moment on, culminating with loads layered strings and synths.

Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of music Ed!

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