Spotted: Rachel LaFond – Just Beyond the Horizon

Spotted: Rachel LaFond – Just Beyond the Horizon

Today I’m introducing you to Rachel LaFond, a composer and piano player from Aukland, New Zeeland. Rachel mostly composes music for solo piano, but also creates some cinematic pieces every now and then. This particular released features piano and cello.

Rachel is now working on a project where she releases one new single every week of the year, and this is number 25!

Tell us something about your track Just beyond the horizon!

“For millennia, the human race has gazed up into the sky in awe and wonder. 

We have told some of our greatest stories about what the stars are and where they come from. 

Even though we understand our universe better than ever thanks to the advances of modern science, there is still so much we DON’T know. And that is beautiful. 

The vastness and majesty of all that is unknown to us in our universe…it’s enough to make one stop and open one’s heart to the sheer wonder and awe of it.”

Just Beyond the Horizon is my first piano+cello piece, and my first time releasing music that I’ve written for something other than solo piano. The music is soulful, sweeping, and epic. Approaching the Horizon is the solo piano version of this piece, and it has a slightly different emotional signature. There’s a bit of a play on words there: ‘Approaching’ the Horizon is the solo piano piece, covering the familiar ground of writing for piano alone, and ‘Just Beyond’ the Horizon is the piano+cello piece, having pushed myself beyond the familiar to compose for a new instrument.

Thank you Rachel for sending me this! There will be a lot of songs to go through this year… 52!

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