Spotted: Edvard Amundsen – The Lake

Today I’m presenting you with the track The Lake by the Norwegian composer and piano player Thorleif Østmoe. Thorleif uses the moniker Edvard Amundsen to not confuse his neo classical project with his other projects in the rock genre, hence the confusion with name! Thorleif is based in Oslo and has played the piano since he was about ten years old. Last year he got some spare time and decided to try to compose some tunes for piano. And here we are!

The track The Lake was released as a single on the 29th of October, 2021.

Tell us something about your track The Lake!
The Lake is about a peaceful place to relax and recharge, a real lake or a calm place in your mind. A place to take a deep breath and slow down from the everyday stress. Do you hear the ripples of the water, the wind whispering in the trees? The soft walk in the wood getting there? 
I was looking after my mother’s dog a week in the summer 2021, and every day I took a break from the music and we walked to this lake. I wanted to write a song in a very peaceful mood, but I had another working title. Struggling a bit with the song and the title some weeks later, I looked at the photos from the summer, including the photo of the lake, and suddenly realized that during the days of composing the title had been literally just before my eyes every day. It all made sense, and the title obviously had to be The Lake. I even had the cover photo already.    

Thank you very much for this Thorleif!

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