Spotted: Edward Delsing – Suncatcher

Spotted: Edward Delsing – Suncatcher

Today I’m introducing you to Canadian composer and piano player Edward Delsing. When he was young, his parents bought him a piano, which quickly became his favorite thing in the world. Edward has written many styles of music, but his current focus is on writing instrumental contemporary classical music. 

As a child, I developed a love of nature from spending a lot of time on farms and playing in fields, lakes and forests with friends in rural Canada. When I’m composing, I find myself inspired frequently by memories of outdoor scenes. Listeners often say my compositions conjure various natural scenes in their mind’s eye – places they have either been to or have seen in movies.

Suncatcher is the title track of Edwards debut album which was released in July 2019.

Tell us about your track Suncatcher!
As I composed the music for Suncatcher, I held an image of my beloved grandparents and great grandparents in mind. I never got to know them well because they had all passed away by the time I was little, but their memory has been preserved through photographs. The “Suncatcher” track and the album as a whole represent a nostalgic reflection on people and places that are dear to us. I hope that listeners will find themselves on a soothing and relaxing journey of spirit and mind throughout these 14 tracks, one that allows them to rediscover some forgotten memories and experience a range of positive and heartwarming emotions.

Thank you for sharing with us Edward!

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