Spotted: Hugar – Logn

Spotted: Hugar – Logn

Isn’t the internet and it’s algorithms fantastic? And also a bit scary… The day after I got sent Hugar’s latest song Logn, they magically appeared on my facebook wall. Apparently there’re coming to Sweden (Stockholm) to perform in September. I won’t be able to go, but maybe you are?

Oh well!

Hugar is an Icelandig duo consisting of Bergur Þórisson and Pétur Jónsson from Seltjarnarnes (just northwest of Reykjavík). They formed a band after meeting in a friends recording studio, where they recorded their debut album, namned Hugar.

The song Logn was released as a “double single” on the 19th of July, but will also be featured on the album Varða, which will be released on the 23rd of august.

Guideposts adorn the path of every journey, no matter the distance. 

Historically, such markers signaled progress for Icelandic travelers in the past. Given the country’s extended daylight, journeymen couldn’t rely on the stars, so they followed the Varða. Translated to “cairn” in English, these tiny rock towers heralded the way as the next cairn would always be visible from its predecessor.

Similar to those piles of rocks, the songs are like small cairns on the album. It’s not about the destination though, but rather this never-ending journey, which the whole record represents.

Tell us something about your song Logn!
Recording at night in the summertime when it’s bright is an energy that doesn’t make sense. As a human being, you’re supposed to be awake when it’s light and asleep when it’s dark. When the sun is out all day, you get this weird energy. You’re tired, but you want to keep going. Iceland is an anomaly in general. We have earthquakes, glaciers melting, and avalanches. It’s a ridiculous place to live for man. At the same time, it’s so beautiful that you can’t escape it. 

Logn was composed in these circumstances similar to other songs on the album. Logn translates to calm in Engilsh.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us! And too bad you’re not coming to Copenhagen (or Malmö for that matter). Next time!

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