Spotted: Elijah Bisbee – Wander (live)

Spotted: Elijah Bisbee – Wander (live)

Today I want to introduce you to Elijah Bisbee, an American composer based in Cleveland, Ohio. I immediately fell for the track Dust (hushed), and the reason for that is the same reason as Elijah mentions below; you can hear the whole piano!

I’ve always been drawn to the idea that music can help create and shape spaces – for inspiration, relaxation, healing, etc. Being able to create a mood is just cool – and proves the transcendence and importance of music.

Tell us something about the recording of Wander (live)!
The EP was recorded at one of my concerts. This particular one was held at my house (I host monthly house shows for local Cleveland artists) and we had video and audio set up to record. I had borrowed some lighting, a smoke machine, and other random things from a friend. When it came time to start the show, we let the smoke machine go for awhile (mind you, we had tested it the previous day) and right when I was about to start the first song, all of the smoke alarms in the house started going off. Talk about ruining the mood!

Can you tell us something about the release?
Wander, Live is a collection of a few live tracks and one “hushed” track called Dust. I call it hushed because it will also be included on an upcoming release, but more produced. I really love the vibe of Dust (Hushed) because it invites the listener to feel the whole piano – creaks, dampers, hammers, and all. Such an intimate experience. I think that’s a theme through all of my music, actually. I don’t really obsess over the cleanest recordings and such – I actually obsess with bringing in the other noises that make the song feel like an immersive experience that can transport the listener into the room/story the song is telling

Thank you for this wonderful EP Elijah!

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