Spotted: Khyaam Haque – Chimera

Spotted: Khyaam Haque – Chimera

Today I want you to introduce you to the song Chimera by Khyaam Haque, and American composer based in Chicago!

I primarily compose classical, new age, and electronic music. 

Tell us something about Chimera!
My most recent track ”Chimera” off my upcoming concept album “Minutiae of an Iridescent Mind” is about an illusory monster the main character of the album encounters while exploring an island. The character doesn’t know if the monster is real or not, but knows that it resembles herself in many ways. She finds the monster beautiful but has to defeat it in order to get to where she wants to go. Metaphorically speaking, the track is about overcoming and parting ways with the aspects of yourself that aren’t pushing you towards your life goals. 

Will this song be part of a bigger release?
Yes! My upcoming album “Minutiae of an Iridescent Mind” is a surrealist tale about a woman experiencing a phenomenon in Tibetan Buddhism known as “Bardo” (a state of existence between death and rebirth). She doesn’t know what’s happening to her, but is under the impression her consciousness is split into two pieces. In this purgatorial existence, she hears of an island that possesses a magical lake. Anyone who drinks from the lake is given the gift of eternal happiness and wholeness. She sales across the sea to find the island, meets a talking cat, encounters an illusory monster, and eventually finds the lake. The lake is actually the gateway to her next life. Musically, a lot of the tracks are written in the same key and have a mixture of classical and electronic instruments. 

Thank you for the music Khyaam! Please check out these social links for more information!
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