Spotted: Emma Jackson – Ada

Spotted: Emma Jackson – Ada

Today I’m presenting you with the track Ada by the British composer and piano player Emma Jackson. Emma lives in London and is drawn to making music to help calm the mind.

I think the world we live in is a very busy and stressful place, and we could all do with having a moment to breathe and release from our day, no matter what our situation is. 

The track Ada is released on the album Piano Mindfulness 2, which was released on June 24th, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Ada!
This is my track called Ada. I recorded this track over the Christmas lockdown at home, and had fun sticking tennis balls, strips of paper and curtain chains in the strings to create a unique sound to the track! Whether you close your eyes, light a candle, or play it to help you study, use this track to help calm and focus you. Enjoy!

Thank you Emma!