Spotted: Norse Mythology – You in Midair

Spotted: Norse Mythology – You in Midair

Today I’m introducing you to the track You in Midair by the very secretive composer and piano player Norse Mythology. I’ll leave it to him/her to explain!

Norse Mythology is a project that explores the magnified sound world of piano. The project debuts with a calm, meditative neoclassical piece. Inspired by the theme of loss and disconnection, You in Midair is an intimate piano record that soothes and binds. The title comes from the lyrics of Frank Sinatra’s classic Send in the Clowns: 

Me here at last on the ground
You in mid-air
Where are the clowns?

In the current state of affairs, the sense of loss is familiar to many people. The piano can breath hope into our senses, can alleviate our wounds and inspire us. Recorded on an upright Yamaha, this simple piece resonates with our deep needs of reconnection and intimacy. A soft and slow piano melody leads thought a series of smooth chords and dreamy harmonies. The major key evokes elation and optimism through repeated iterations of the theme. I hope this record will inspire hope, delight and peace to the audience. 

Thank you for this lovely track!