Spotted: Erwin Deleux – Meander

Today I’m presenting you with the track Meander by the Belgian composer and piano player Erwin Deleuxe. Music has been part of Erwins life for as long as he can remember and playing the piano led him to a path of performing classical chamber music. When he started working on the album Silent Songs a few years ago; the pieces of his musical puzzle came together.

The track meander was released as a single on the 27th of January, 2023.

Tell us something about your track Meander!
‘Meander’ is part of a small cycle that mainly focuses on 2 rivers. The Schelde is sort of an aorta running to the country where I live, Belgium. The same can be said about the Maas, which is so vital for the country where I work- the Netherlands. In total, 12 pieces will evoke aspects of those rivers. When ready, all songs will also appear on an old- school cd (’24). 

The writing process of ‘Meander’ was a bit peculiar. It all started with the winding middle part, which came rather spontaneously while improvising. I initially foresaw a more fluent opening and end, but never felt comfortable with the result. The typical doubt that pops up on such moments, lateron translated into some enigmatic chord progression that proved to serve this music better. 

Thank you for this Erwin!

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