Spotted: Richard Hellgren – Pine

Spotted: Richard Hellgren – Pine

Today I’m presenting you with the track Pine by the Swedish composer, violinist and piano player Richard Hellgren from Visby. To learn everything about Richard, you can check out this Behind the piano article!

The track Pine was released as a single on the 13th of February, 2023.

Tell us something about your track Pine!
This little improvised piece is inspired by my walks in the nearby forest where I live. I like the meditative feeling I get when walking and this piece tries to capture that feeling a bit.

I usually try to find melodies and harmonies wo work with in my pieces. This is different, there is no real melody and very little harmonic progression. More like being in a musical state.

I prepared the piano with a worn out t-shirt attached to a bamboo stick with drawing pins. sometimes the hammers hit the drawing pins and that create some interesting resonances. 

Thank you for this Richard!