Spotted: Euclid’s Niece – The Eclipse

Spotted: Euclid’s Niece – The Eclipse

Today I’m introducing you to the Moldovan composer and piano player Euclid’s Niece or Maria-Mihaela Avram as her real name is. She started playing the piano at the age of seven, and shortly thereafter created her first own composition.

Initially, I wrote poems and based my music on them. For me, every piece has a story and as long as it manages to convey some sort of feeling, it has achieved its purpose.

The track The Eclipse was released as a single in early July of 2020 and might appear on an EP in august.

Tell us something about your track The Eclipse!
“The Eclipse”  is about the bitter-sweet moments of life. Hopes and dreams, but also sorrows and pain. As I am a bit of a believer in astrology, I see an eclipse as an important event. Maybe a change, maybe new beginnings, new challenges, or even difficult times. The official release date of this piece is July 5th, 2020, when the lunar eclipse had happened. 

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