Spotted: Wings for Louise – Douce anarchie

Spotted: Wings for Louise – Douce anarchie

Today I’m introducing you to the French composer Charly Martin and his musical project Wings for Louise. Charly was born in France but is now located in Montreal, Canada.

The sond was released on the 3rd of July, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Douce anarchie!
This new solo piano piece, Douce Anarchie (Soft Anarchy), is based on a descending chord progression accompanied by a simple and ethereal melody that leads us to a melodious and luminous chorus.

The contrast between the ethereal verse and the more intense (but still soft) chorus provides a comparison between discipline and chaos. It symbolizes a delicate barrier between these two concepts: the fragility of our civilization that could collapse at any given moment.

The piece Douce Anarchie is based on the book “La commune de Paris” (The Paris Commune), a French narrative about the uprising in Paris in 1871.

Thanks Charly!

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