Spotted: Felix Martinz – Sunne

Spotted: Felix Martinz – Sunne

Today I’m introducing you to Swedish composer and piano player Felix Martinz. Felix lives in Stockholm and mainly makes music for film, games and commercials but also plays (jazz) vibraphone.

I was pretty happy when I got sent this song, since Sunne is a town not far from my own hometown of Arvika in Värmland, Sweden. It made me think of home just by reading the title. I was even happier when the song was great!

This track is released as a single and there are more singles coming (the next one will probably be out when this is posted).

Tell us something about your track Sunne!
The track was recorded in my living room on my black Yamaha Upright piano. It was just the time when many great memories from the Swedish town Sunne were surfacing, a place I have visited many times. The quiet large forests, the lake Fryken… The area is very beautiful and I tried my best to paint it in music.

Thank you Felix. for this wonderful song!

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