Spotted: Heim – Motif

Spotted: Heim – Motif

Today I’m introducing you to Swedish composer Jonas Anderson, who release music using the name Heim. Heim means Home in the north of Sweden.

Heim is my refuge for meditative piano with a cinematic touch along with a true love for the vast cold landscapes of northern Sweden.

This is his debut on Spotify, but he has been making music for many years, mostly for his own pleasure. There’s more singles coming; one every month. So keep a look out for more Heim-music in the near future! 

Tell us something about your track Motif!
The idea came to me one day from out of the blue when I wasn’t around my piano, so I sang the rough progression, recorded it on my phone and hoped I would still understand what I was doing when I came back to my studio. Luckily I did! As Motif is my first track I wanted it to sum up everything that is Heim so that the listeners now what can be expected from me in the future.

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