Spotted: Firas Matar – Silent Noise

Spotted: Firas Matar – Silent Noise

Today I’m introducing you to the latest track by the Israeli composer and piano player Firas Matar from Nazareth. Firas has been playing the piano since he was five years old, sad started out with classical music but got more and more interested in “modern” music over the years.

The track Silent Noice is released as a single ans came out on January 27th of 2020.

Tell us something about you track Silent Noice!
A loud noise, you can’t hear, but you can definitely feel! It has two waves of storm, each wave starts quietly, goes up step by step, till it peaks, then it resolves down step by step again. It was created live, on the spot, simply sitting and playing whatever comes to mind, letting the fingers play whatever they like to.

Thank you very much for sharing this tune with us Firas!

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