Spotted: Peter Cavallo – Rainy Day

Spotted: Peter Cavallo – Rainy Day

Today I’m introducing you to the latest track by Australian composer Peter Cavallo from Camberra. Peter has studied composition with Composer/ Orchestrator Alain Mayrand and mainly makes music for piano and strings.

The track Rainy Day is taken from the EP with the same name which was released in January of 2020.

This question will be a quote from you:Tell us something about the track! (Could be: What is is about? Is there a story behind it? Funny anecdote from the recording. How did you compose it? etc.)

Tell us something about your track Rainy day!
Rainy Day was actually recorded while it was raining outside. This may not sound unusual but at the time it was written Australia was going through a drought and a bad fire season. So, when I heard the rain outside while I was playing I thought I would dedicate this tracks title to the rainy day. It was recorded on my Yamaha upright grand in my home studio. 

Thank you for the music Peter!

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