Spotted: Firas Matar – Sunrise Sunset Blend

Spotted: Firas Matar – Sunrise Sunset Blend

Today I’m introducing you to Israeli composer and piano player Firas Matar and the latest release Sunrise Sunset Blend! Firas is born and raised in Nazareth in Israel and has been playing piano since the age of five and started composing own music around the age of 16.

In my first few years I played mainly classic music, over the years I got more and more interested in playing modern music like pop and rock, so I moved to playing “nowadays” music, where you can see lots of that on my YouTube channel.

The track Sunrise Sunset Blend was released on November 10th of 2019.

Tell us something about your track Sunrise Sunset Blend!
In this song I tried to mix tunes from the east and the west together in a perfect harmony. Blending the two together, creating an awesome musical smoothie.
It was created live, on the spot, simply sitting and playing whatever comes to mind, letting the fingers play whatever they like to, and this time it was a sunrise sunset blend.

Thank you for sharing with us Firas!

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