Spotted: Logan Nelson – Lost In Translation

Today I’m introducing you to American composer and piano player Logan Nelson. Logan grew up in Kansas where he studied piano and viola and played in orchestras. He’s parents had a big collection of movie soundtracks which also became an interest of his; so much that writing music for movies became his job!

The track Lost in translation is released as a single, but will also be featured on the album Lavender Echoes in January of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Lost In Translation!
When I was in the studio working on Lost in Translation, a lot of the string writing had already been deliberately composed in advance for the musicians, but a lot of the tracks elements came unintentionally though collaboration and experimentation. When working to produce out the track, I discovered a tiny toy piano in the corner of the studio (Lucy’s Meat Market). We dusted it off and mic’d it up – eventually improvising a lot of the plucky toy piano stuff that starts and ends the piece. Another unintentional moment of the process was the very end. I was originally hearing a sort of fade out at the piece’s conclusion, but mixer Nick Taylor ended up running with that and pulling the track deep into these nebulous reverbs that consumed the entire existence of the piece. That became one of my favorite moments on the track.

Thank you for sharing this with us Logan!