Spotted: Fog Chaser – Florescence

Spotted: Fog Chaser – Florescence

Today I’m presenting you with the track Florescence by the American composer and piano player Matt, aka. Fog Chaser, based in the Pacific Northwest.

The track Florescence was released as a single on the 10th of July, 2022, but was firstly sent through a newsletter to his subscribers.

Tell us something about your track Florescence!
For Volume I of my newsletter, I’m writing a song in every musical key — making my way around the circle of fifths. So, this song, which is in f-sharp minor, was my newsletter song in April. 

It was very meditative to write. I limited myself to piano, a touch of bass, and a little ambient noise, just to keep things simple. The title, “Florescence”, means “the process of flowering”, and I really liked the idea of things being in bloom. No funny anecdotes recording this one — just me and my piano. Eventually, I teamed up with Chad Skinner (from Sun Rain), one of my favorite musicians, and got his help on mixing and mastering to make sure I captured the right mood. 

Thank you very much for this Matt!