Spotted: Yana Couto – Bridges

Spotted: Yana Couto – Bridges

Today I’m introducing you to the track Bridges by the polish composer and piano player Yana Couto. Yana has played the piano since the age of six and started improvising (and composing) at the age of 19.

The track Bridges was released on the album The great hope on the 3rd of July, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Bridges!
Similarly like all the other songs on the album, “Bridges” was recorded at my home studio, on the upright piano that is with me since I was six. The piece was created from a reflection on creating bonds, human fluidity, and embracing life. It has a free-flowing structure, allowing for spontaneous repetition and trancelike performance. It was one of the first songs I came up with, and it gave me an artistic direction I wanted to follow – embracing the imperfections, capturing the warm ambiance of the upright piano (together with the hammers clicks and soft muted strings), creating a reflective and empowering mood.

Funny story – I have a small dog who loves to be around me pretty much all the time. So when we were recording the album, he was always at my feet. I think there are some moments when you can hear him sniff or roam the space, which adds to this calming ambiance of my home. 

Thank you for this Yana!