Spotted: Fougére – Movement

Today I’m presenting you with the track Movement by the British composer and pianist Jamie Norton, living in London.

The track Movement is the first track released under the name Fougére, and the single was released on the 23rd of October, 2020.

Tellus something about the track Movement!
Architecture and design are big inspirations for me when writing; I like to try to think along similar lines, to consider how music might occupy a space, how someone might respond to it. With ‘Movement’ for example, I was thinking about one of my sons who loves to dance.  My mum and I once just sat and watched him completely lose his inhibitions dancing to a piece of music.  I love how instinctive it was for him, that it was a way for him to express himself.  I knew this piece was right when it made him want to move.

Thank you Jamie for this track!

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