Spotted: Frerick den Haan – One for Olivier

Today we’re back with another track by the composer and piano player Frerick Den Haan from Hauge in the Netherlands. You can check out more songs and find more information by clicking on the name above!

The track One for Oliver was released as a single on the 21st of may, 2021.

Tell us something about your track One for Oliver!
‘One for Olivier’ is a melancholic yet romantic sonate’isch composition that I wrote for a friend and encompasses all emotions that go from happy to very sad. Our common appreciation for Beethoven inspired me to write the main theme where Chopin harmony got me out of my comfort zone as well. The composition is a reflection on Olivier’s struggles in life and in special the common struggles my generation (people in their early 30’ties) are dealing with now.

Thank you Frerick for this!

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