Spotted: Frerick Den Haan – Sketches of Tomorrow

Today I’m presenting you to the Dutch piano player and composer Frerick Den Haan. Frerick started to play the piano at a young age and works as a marketer. Partly thanks to his grandparents, Frerick was introduced to a whole legion of classical musicians, including Erik Satie, Debussy, Beethoven and Chopin, who left a lasting impression on him.

The track Sketches of Tomorrow was released on the EP with the same name which came out on November the 23rd, 2020.

Tell us something about your track Sketches of Tomorrow!
I have always loved cinematic tunes because of the melancholy and the story behind it. With this composition I strived to compose an opening tune just like it used in movies. An introduction for what yet has to come in the rest of the story. This composition reflects the past and looks forward to the future. 

Thank you Frerick!

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