Spotted: Frerick den Haan – Waltz for Daydreamers

Today I’m introducing you to the dutch composer and piano player Frerick den Haan from The Hague. Since about three years ago, Frerick has fully committed himself to write solo piano music. Frerick consider the piano to be the perfect extension for his voice and emotions. To know everything about Frerick, you should check out this Behind the piano post!

The track Waltz for Daydreamers is taken from the album Bedroom tapes, Vol2, which came out on the 12th of may, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Waltz for Daydreamers!
I am a daydreamer myself. Very often I just like to stare, think and try to bring new ideas to the piano. It works best when walking outside. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. Also because, a few months ago, I became a dad for the first time. So, this waltz was initially written as a lullaby for my baby girl. The first song that I wrote for her, with many more to come. 

Thank you very much for this Frerick!

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