Spotted: Garry DW Judd – Electric Nocturne No. 10

Spotted: Garry DW Judd – Electric Nocturne No. 10

Today I’m introducing you to a new track by the British composer Gary DW Judd living and working from London. Gary makes a living as a composer for film and TV.

The track Electric Nocturne No. 10 was released with nine other songs (Gary will explain all that below) on the 13th of july, 2020.

Tell us something about the track Electric Nocturne No. 10!
This track is from the album Electric Nocturnes Book 1 which is now on release. I’m planning ten books/albums of ten pieces…100 Electric Nocturnes! The first set of ten Electric Nocturnes were written on my iPad at night. They were experiments to see what I could come up with just before falling asleep…That’s why they’re so calm and sleepy and probably why they drift off into different keys quite fluidly! The rest of the ninety Electric Nocturnes will be variations on these first ten.

Thank you Gary!

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