Spotted: Yuri Vinogradov – Imperfect Monochrome

Spotted: Yuri Vinogradov – Imperfect Monochrome

Today I’m introducing you to the track Imperfect Monochrome by the Russian composer Yuri Vinigradov, living in Reutov. Yuri began his music studies at the age of 14 with a private teacher, and soon after started working on improvisations and making own compositions.

The track was released on the album When the stars bloom which was released late June of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Imperfect Monochrome!
This track is a totally improvised piece, a free improvisation. So I haven’t had any ideas or images in my mind before recording the music. It’s a development of my own aesthetics that I call abstract impressionism – modern version of old piano classics like works of Ravel and Debussy. I have strong associations with play of water or lights and shadows when I listen to this piece though. I believe that music isn’t a language of images or emotions. It develops its own pure musical ideas – and so it  is in this track.

Thank you very much for sharing this track with us Yuri!

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