Spotted: Geert Veneklaas – Valse Mélancolique

Spotted: Geert Veneklaas – Valse Mélancolique

Today I’m introducing you to the track Valse Mélancolique by the dutch composer and piano player Geert Veneklaas. Geert started playing the piano at a young age, studied at the Conservatorium in Arnhem (The Netherlands) and had a fairly successful career as a popmusician.

Geert’s ambition has recently taken flight by focusing exclusively on composing ‘contemporary classical’ pieces for piano solo.

The track Valse Mélancolique was released as a single on the 18th of July, 2022 but will also be part of an album that will be released in the fall of 2022.

Tell us something about your track Valse Mélancolique!
Valse Mélancolique above all represents a feeling; a sense of unsatisfied desire, of lost hopes. Not so much in a heavy way, but also in a tender way. A melancholy reminiscence of something that was but will never be again.

When I compose I often have a clear image in my head. In this case it was an abandoned village in the countryside where time seems to stand still, perhaps because I had just booked my holiday to a quiet place in the French countryside. The great thing was that Valse Mélancolique came out on the day I got there. That felt like perfect timing to me.

Thanks for this Geert!