Spotted: Sion Trefor – Faling for Ghosts

Spotted: Sion Trefor – Faling for Ghosts

Today I’m presenting you with the track Falling for Ghosts by the British composer and piano player Sion Trefor, based in Wales. Need to quote Sion right off here:

I’m a recluse, an insomniac (like, actually, not a Hollywood insomniac), and I live at my studio.

Sion has been playing since he was a kid and has been a touring musician for the most part of his life. A few years ago he started releasing his own music.

The track Falling for Ghosts track was released as a single on the 22ns of July, 2022 but will also be part of an EP this December.

Tell us something about your track Falling for Ghosts!
The track ‘Falling for Ghosts’ is a kind of lament to imaginary nostalgic spaces – places we concoct out of various memories in our minds, places that – to me at least – feel more like home than anywhere I’ve known in real life. When I’m triggered or fall into thinking about these places, halfway between deja vu and a real memory, they’re always empty, totally desolate, and yet they’re imbued with the emotions I feel towards people who are close to me in my life. That absence of anything tangible led me to the title, ‘Falling for Ghosts’. 

Thank you for this Sion!