Spotted: Giuseppe Costa – Rather than words

A few days ago I introduced you to Giuseppe Costa from Italy through Behind the piano. And today we will present his latest track to you!

Tell us something about Rather than words!
This song has a story. There are songs that have animated humanity regardless of gender and style, music capable of uniting people’s hearts and inspiring them in everyday life as in large companies. There are passages that enlighten people’s lives and others that orient them, so that life can be beautiful and virtuous. I think this is beautiful, and the ability of art and music to communicate in such a convincing way of sensations is fantastic. A direct and true communication, without the use of words that instead could be not understood, misinterpreted. Instead it is possible to get to the heart directly. I played this song with the ambition to get to the heart and to animate to the goodness and dissolve the conflicts, which instead prevent the heart to be able to live beautiful and even bad feelings.

Tell us something about this latest release of yours! Is there a theme throughout the album/EP?
After my album Recital which includes 5 50-minute improvisations in 5 consecutive days, I decided to take a break from extensive projects and publish several EPs. Currently I publish one every 10 days.

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