Spotted: William Ogmundson – Marble Halls

Today, I’m introducing you to composer and pianist William Ogmundson from New London, New Hampshire inte the USA. 

Tell me something about the song Marble Halls!
I didn’t write this particular song, though I wish that I had.  It was part of an opera from 1843 by William Michael Balfe entitled The Gypsy Girl and was sung by Enya in the 90’s.  This is my solo piano version. 

I’ve always loved this song-the lyrics are beautiful and tragic.  Unrequited love.  I recorded this in one take at pianist Greg Maroney’s studio in Pennsylvania.  That almost never happens, but after we listened to it, we both agreed that there wasn’t much point in doing multiple takes-somehow I got it right the first time around, and I figured Greg would know better than most people so I went with it. This was part of a whole day of recording, where I captured all the tracks for my upcoming CD Forevermore and also the first third or so of an Animal CD which I’ll probably finish up this spring.  

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