Spotted: Greg Kozakiewicz – Earasaid

Today I’m introducing you to the polish born and Great Britain based composer and piano player Greg Kozakiewicz and his track Earasaid. Greg uses the piano as a way to relax from his (at the time) very stressful job. After he got his musical education he went on to study to become an architect.

The track Earasaid was released on the album Sonder on the 9th of September, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Earasaid!
It was named after a draped garment worn in Scotland as part of traditional female highland dress. Composed in 2021/22 in Edinburgh and recorded using vintage Steinway Model A Grand in Castlesound Studios, Scotland. Track has 3 parts. The middle one is the original core, followed by more dynamic part to add move movment into track. The intro was added at the end. The working title for the track was: “Floral dress” 

Thank you for sharing this with us Greg!

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