Spotted: Harmoni Jones – Perspectives

Spotted: Harmoni Jones – Perspectives

Today I’m presenting you to the track Perspectives by the American composer and piano player Harmoni Jones, living in Philadelphia. Harmoni has written music for as long as she can remember and played in a couple of bands in college, but never found her thing musically.

Then I inherited my grandmothers piano when she sadly passed several years ago. I used to play grandmas piano when I was a kid and spent time with her during the summer and I felt like her piano was always part of the family, just sitting in the corner of the room. Over time I started experimenting with the piano sound. I’ve always been drawn to delays within sound and the way you can create musical textures from the delays. I guess as the sound and my ideas developed it became my vibe. 

The track Perspectives was released as a single on the 9th of June, 2021.

Tell us something about the track Perspectives!
Perspectives is about how our lives and thoughts (perspectives) change during a momentous event, in this case the pandemic. Things that once seemed important, don’t seem so important anymore and the little things we once took for granted now seem a big deal. Musically it’s a melody and message of hope … well I hope it is anyway ! 

Thank you very much for this lovely piece Harmoni!