Spotted: Jim Pearce – In My Dream You Sang

Today I’m presenting you with the track In My Dream You Sang by the American composer and piano player Jim Pearce. Jim has worked as a piano player and composer for the past 45 years and is currently located in Atlanta.

The track In My Dream You Sang was released as a single on the 11th of June, 2021.

Tell us something about your track In My Dream You Sang!
My latest tune “In My Dream You Sang”, has actually been living alone and forgotten as a lead sheet, and different unreleased recorded versions on discs and hard drives for maybe decades. But recently, the Pandemic gave me plenty of time to dig thru old music and files and I unearthed this tune which I thought was really haunting. I recorded the final version and put it out in the world.  Released June 11.  I hope you like it ! 

Thanks for this piece of music Jim!

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