Spotted: Henrik Meierkord – Växt

Spotted: Henrik Meierkord – Växt

Today I’m introducing you to Swedish composer and cellist Henrik Meierkord, living in Stockholm. Henrik also plays in bands like Strulgattu & Meierkord, Kalashnikow Quartet and with his cello he accompanies Swedish artists like Pelle Ossler and Eric Palmqwist.

The song Växt is taken from the album Själ which was released early December of 2019.

Tell us something about your track Växt!
I sat there in my little studio, feeling calm this time, started with some syntezeiser chords, added base layers of cello, then I recorded one track with distortion and heaps of reverb.With this ground, I just solo-played the melody, all being done live and without any basic plans, just out of my head in a meditative mode. I wanted it to sound a bit sacral and warm, like you are feeling safe.

Thank you for sharing Henrik!

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