Spotted: John TerMaat – Dusk at the Pool of Honey

Spotted: John TerMaat – Dusk at the Pool of Honey

Today I’m introducing you to the software engineer, pianist and composer John TerMaat from America. John started learning piano as a small child at his family home where he made his firs songs, and later started taking piano lessons as a teenager.

This song hasn’t really been released yet, but is available through Soundcloud. The album will be released in February of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Dusk at the Pool of Honey!
Despite the reference to “dusk,” I composed most of this piece early in the morning before going to my day job.  I wanted to evoke the hypnogogic, dream-like state we experience early in the morning or while falling asleep, using consonant but slightly ominous progressions with a harmonic rhythm that leaves the listener slightly uncertain where the music is going.  In my mind, this leaves a feeling of meandering through dark pathways and peeking around corners.  

Thanks John!

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